AVMSD Database
European Audiovisual Observatory

About the AVMSDatabase

The AVMSDatabase allows interactive searches across the national transpositions of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive 2010/13/EU (AVMSD), as amended by the 2018/1808 Directive, in the 27 EU member states. It is also open on an opt-in basis to other European countries that have transposed the AVMSD.

Each provision of the AVMSD (article, paragraph, subparagraph) is associated with the corresponding provision(s) of national primary legislations, so as to allow searches by article and/or by country:

  • how articles X, Y and Z have been implemented in country A;
  • how countries A, B and C have implemented article X;
  • how articles X, Y and Z have been implemented in countries A, B and C;

The information supplied is merely factual and consists of reference legal texts. The results of the queries are exportable both as reports in Word and PDF files and as comparative tables in Excel files. Both the original language and unofficial English translation are provided.

The AVMSDatabase builds on the work already carried out by the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance of the University of Luxembourg within the “AVMSD project” and is supported by the CREATIVE EUROPE programme of the European Union. It follows the evolution of the national transposition process of the AVMSD and will be regularly updated with the corresponding changes to the national implementation measures as soon as they are made available to the Observatory.